I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

    At SPCA, we have volunteers working in various sections of the shelter including Dogs and Large Animals. From school and college students to working corporate professionals and homemakers, our volunteering team works throughout the week.

    At the shelter, volunteers engage in feeding and grooming dogs and large animals, supporting disabled animals, cleaning the shelter, and building kennels among other activities.

    It’s mandatory for all new volunteers to fill the following online form before volunteering. After filling the form, a Volunteer Co-Ordinator will get in touch with you:-


    New Volunteer Form


    To understand what you can do and what are the immediate requirements in terms of volunteering work at the shelter, drop a message on our Facebook Page and connect with a Volunteer Co-Ordinator . You can also drop them an email at the below mentioned email IDs, but the quicker way will be to post on our Facebook Page, where you will be connected to the Co-Ordinators.

    You are welcome to volunteer any day during the week, however, please do go through the guidelines at the bottom of the page


    Volunteer Co-Ordinators

    Adoptions: Aparna Bose Day – aparnabosedey@spcanoida.org

    Dogs Feeding and Grooming: Tarini Singh – tarinisingh@spcanoida.org

    Large Animals Feeding and Grooming: Devesh Kumar – deveshkumar@spcanoida.org




    Volunteering Guidelines

    1. The volunteering hours at the shelter are between 12-3pm, all 7 days a week unless specifically permitted by the shelter heads. Please do remember to sign in and out of the volunteers register every time.

    2. Photography is allowed but only after you seek permission from the shelter heads.

    3. To avoid any mishaps, please do not venture beyond the double gates as there are many dogs and other animals for whom the unfamiliar volunteers are unknown intruders in their territory.

    4. Please refrain from giving any tips to the shelter staff.

    5. If you need assistance of or information from the shelter staff or veterinarians, please contact the shelter heads first. This applies to seeking details regarding treatment of our animals as well. Remember, we are already severely short of manpower and all our vets and staff have limited time on their hands with many cases to attend to.

    6. Please also direct volunteers, visitors, and prospective donors to talk to the shelter heads as they are the only ones who have the complete picture of the shelter’s operations and our animals.

    7. All new volunteers: please route yourselves through the volunteer coordinators (mentioned above) before joining in for any volunteering activity to ensure efficiency and coordinated efforts. This will maximise our impact.

    8. Please do not indulge in any kind of behaviour that is likely to harm the animals. Obvious? The most common mistake, despite best intentions is throwing food/biscuits to animals leading to animal fights, leading to injuries.

    9. For all your generosity in cash and kind, do remember to collect a receipt from us. All cash donations are tax exempt under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

    10. If you disagree with these guidelines, please do suggest changes / modifications as we always welcome ways to improve ourselves. However, non-cooperation results in chaos / harm to our animals and may, therefore, result in a temporary / permanent bar from the shelter.