Vision and Mission


    To create an environment of harmony where humans and animals can co-exist peacefully and to inject a sense of responsibility and understanding towards our animals which is a stated duty of each one of us in our respected Constitution of India.


    To make SPCA well equipped with state of art facilities to cater to varied needs of all kinds of animals in need for human support and to have more people associated with us who work with compassion for our animals at the time of need.



    Prevention of Cruelty:

    As we are an SPCA, we have special  powers to intervene in cruelty cases and confiscate animals being treated cruelly. Animals under our care are all attended to and cared for.

    Sterilisation of Stray Dogs:

    Due to rapid urbanization, there is a growing increase in human–animal conflict and the only way to reduce this conflict is by controlling the population of stray dogs. The lawful, proven, effective method of achieving this is through sterilization. We aim to achieve 100% sterilization by mapping, identifying and counting of dogs per sector through community participation. This will ensure rapid reduction in the population of dogs and prevent the spread of rabies. This can be achieved only if the community participates.

    Humane Awareness Education:

    Cruelty is often inflicted out of ignorance, & therefore providing proper information about animal behavior & their welfare is an important aspect of our work. We aim at promoting better attitudes towards animals by making people aware, that all living creatures are equally important to maintain the delicate ecological balance. We campaign for animal rights through our actions and interventions.