About the Sheter

    Spread across 9 acres, the SPCA Noida shelter cum hospital is a home for more than 900 hundred animals, ranging from dogs and cats to cows, buffaloes, bulls, donkeys, horses, and kites – most of which have come to us as a result of severe sickness, abuse, accidents, abandonment, and rescues. We offer the following services:-

    Shelter, Rehabilitation and Adoption

    We provide permanent shelter for disabled and old stray animals that cannot survive on the streets. For abandoned, rescued pet animals, dogs, and kittens, we aim at finding loving homes.

    Veterinary Services

    We provide 24×7 free medical services for street animals at our hospital. Our ambulances are on night calls every night, to attend to accident and injury cases.

    Facilities for Animals

    O.P.D / Treatment Rooms

    Dog Kennels

    Animal Sheds for Large Animals

    Wide Spaces for Animals to Run & Play

    Space for Burials, Facility for Cremation

    An Incinerator (to be operational soon)